I know I will be asked many times throughout our journey “why?”. As I am also sure my “why”, Hubbies “why”, and hopefully the chicklins “why” will change continually. For today, the beginning of our journey, this is “why”. 

I want my chicklins to LOVE learning.

I don’t believe the best way to learn is at a desk, especially at age 5!

I believe in learning through play, recreation, getting messy, and any modality my child chooses at any given moment.

I believe my kids are individuals who will each learn in their own way. And I can say now R will not be one who can sit still for 6 hours and learn. 

I don’t want to worry what they are being taught or not taught.

I want our family to be cohesive and as strong as we can be.  

No homework!

Parents have to be teaching after school to help their kids be successful in public school so why not take that 8 hours out totally. 

I want as much time as I can have with them.

My Heavenly Father lead me to this place and I’m diving in and putting my faith in him. 


Really I could go on for pages with my “why” but this is top 10 for now.